Inspire Design have in-house, expert capability in SuDS design and are leaders in creative thinking in terms of how sustainable drainage methods can be incorporated into a development. Links with leaders in current SuDS and climate change research means that we can offer innovative solutions tailored to a development, to include planting specifications and create Blue-Green spaces. In order to do this, we focus on two key aspects:

 Collaboration and early designer involvement – to advise on and carry out infiltration testing (now an absolute requirement for many LLFA’s), design SuDS features to minimise, or eliminate land-take and undertaking surveys to take advantage of the natural topography

Expert knowledge in all type of SuDS – Drainage design consultancies will often provide a limited number of SuDS solutions, such as large detention basins or below-ground tanks. We have in-depth knowledge in the design of a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to a development, including tree-pits, rain gardens, bio-retention areas and green roofs. This opens up the opportunity to satisfy planning requirements within the already required landspace of the site (highways, verges, roofs) rather than taking additional land

As part of The SuDS Academy, we previously hosted monthly seminars with guest speakers in different locations, highlighting important topics surrounding SuDS. This was then followed by an opportunity for attendees to meet, socialise and talk with fellow professionals in the industry. This month we are meeting with Nottingham Trent University to discuss potential research areas for our SuDS Academy research and development project. We will continue to post updates regarding this.