Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering covers a wide range of elements and focuses upon the detailed design of the highway environment. The public highway is a high risk environment and is governed over by tried and tested design standards. These standards seek to ensure as safe an environment as possible. They also seek to achieve suitable levels of capacity and the correct design of a highway or junction has an effect upon how traffic will use it, and also how much traffic will use a junction.  Our role is to get the best of the situation within the constraints.

Inspire Design & Development Ltd.’s Engineers have expertise in the design of all highway and junction forms, from simple priority junction layouts through to large grade separated roundabout arrangements, conventional at grade roundabouts and traffic signals. Our team have worked on some of the most complex and technically demanding junction designs in the UK in order to achieve a successful solution.

traffic engineering

We assess junction capacity through the measurement of junction geometry to tried and tested standards that have been established from complex mathematical models derived through measuring capacity at existing real world situations and assessing the effect that each parameter has upon capacity. Through the application of traffic flows into the junction models, both existing and predicted performance can be established. Inspire Design & Development engineers have extensive experience in the redesign and modification of junction forms to facilitate additional traffic. Somewhat unusually, our engineers have the capability to build bespoke traffic models from the underlying mathematical formulae to provide greater flexibility in design than traditional design software will allow. An example of this was the use of a spreadsheet based model to ascertain development scale and content limits before junction improvement would be required. This enabled our client to undertake a review of their site with the knowledge of offsite highway improvement costs to optimise their development to maximise profitability.

We are also able to offer significant expertise in traffic signal design, something not available from many consultancies. This additional knowledge can lead to innovative solutions. An example of this was when we saved a client over £500,000 through a review (triggered by the engineer highlighting to the client that something wasn’t right) of a proposed committed scheme. This scheme subsequently was proven to worsen traffic delay and queuing. That proposed scheme was subsequently removed as a requirement by the local highway authority and the client made a significant cost saving.

Inspire Design and Development Ltd engineers can undertake design work, including traffic signal design from the initial feasibility through to supervision during construction and commissioning.

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