Environmental Engineering

Planning applications often require assessment of the prevailing environment in terms of noise and air quality that affect the health and wellbeing of residents. All planning must be well considered and allowing a development in a location where residents will not be poisoned or deprived of sleep due to noise.

In circumstances where the local authority feel it necessary, assessment of the effect of the development upon the environment as well as the environments effect upon the proposed development has to be undertaken.

The latest research tells us that excessive noise exposure over long periods can disrupt sleep, contribute to heart problems and affect mental health. Inspire Design and Development Ltd carry out noise assessments which undertake calculations and where necessary, modelling, of the effect that increased vehicle activity will have upon the existing dwellings within the local area to the development. In addition, surveys and / or calculations will be undertaken to advise upon suitable levels of sound insulation for proposed dwellings to achieve acceptable internal and external noise levels.

environmental engineering

Air quality has been high on the political agenda recently and quite rightly so. Many urban locations are failing to achieve national guidance upon safe levels of air borne pollutants. Poor air quality aggravates pre-existing respiratory illnesses and has been linked to cancer among other debilitating illnesses. We produce air quality assessments which examine the level of the effect a proposed development will have upon airborne pollution levels, such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and PM10 (particulate matter smaller than 10 microns) that are contributed to by petrol / diesel engines. Our assessment takes into account pre-existing levels of pollutant and updates this with the change in vehicular traffic to provide an updated pollutant projection. These levels can then be compared against national guidance to ensure that pollutant levels remain within existing guidelines.

This close linkage between transport planning, noise assessment and air quality mean that Inspire Design & Development Ltd can undertake these three disciplines’ seamlessly and can ensure that data requirements for all studies are understood at the outset, with no gap in service provision that can happen when multiple consultants are engaged.

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