Inspire Design and Development Ltd provide our clients with a wide variety of planning services. We recognise that successful planning is built on three factors: working with you to understand your objectives and priorities; delivering relevant, robust and accurate technical reports and managing the planning process so that your objectives are met. The list below highlights the broad range of planning services that we can provide:

Liaison with Statutory Consultees

At pre application stage, we undertake consultation with parties who may be affected by the proposal including the Highways Agency, Environment Agency, wildlife groups and other consultees. By doing this, we are able to identify potential objections before an application is submitted and seek appropriate mitigation.

PlanningPlanning Process Management

Once an application has been submitted, we maintain regular contact with the local authority to see if any objections are raised. By building a collaborative working relationship with authorities, we are able to manage the project more effectively.

Flood Risk Assessments

Our team has extensive knowledge in this area and are able to undertake flood risk assessments for both residential and commercial developments in flood zones 1, 2 & 3. By staying up to date with legislation and the latest research in flood management techniques, we are able to offer a variety of solutions for even the most challenging sites.

Drainage Strategy

The purpose of a drainage strategy is to investigate and advise on the most appropriate drainage solutions and establish the principles for the disposal of foul and surface water. The strategy complements the flood risk assessment and demonstrates to the planning authority that we have an exit strategy for the water on site.

Transport Planning

Inspire Design and Development Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to undertake detailed transport assessments and statements. We can provide junction modelling to assess existing junction capacity and the impact on the junction arising for development.

Transport Planning is a requirement for the vast majority of planning applications.  Modern society has grown around the car and as a result, residential and work places are often disparate. This leads to a reliance upon the car and the consequential pollution and congestion issues that arise. Travel plans are documents that seek to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles used to travel to the development and encourage sustainable transport.

Traffic Engineering

To implement a project, calculated designs need to be undertaken to ensure a workable layout. We ensure that good traffic engineering work takes place to confirm that junctions are designed to cater for the prevailing traffic flow in the most economic manner.

Environmental Engineering

An effect of development is increased traffic and consequently this leads to further noise and air quality pollutants. Our environmental engineering services address the magnitude of the effects to identify if any mitigation is required.

Contextual Analysis & Landscape Visual Impact Assessments

The purpose of a contextual analysis is to consider the built environment and landscape in which a site is located, identifying the key features, materials, styles and so on that give the locality its characteristics. It also identifies and discusses the component parts of the built environment that enhance or detract from the perceived aesthetic.

The purpose of a landscape visual impact assessment is to assess how a development will affect a landscape at various levels ranging from an individual street scene to its context within the wider landscape over many square kilometers.

By undertaking the above, we are able to make recommendations on the most suitable form of development which will complement the method and the built environment.

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

In response to specific guidance issued by the Coal Authority, many Local Planning Authorities now require a coal mining risk assessment to be carried out for proposed developments within all high risk coal mining areas across the UK. Our team can provide clients with a detailed assessment, advising them how mining may have affected the land previously and how it may affect any future developments, highlighting any risks presented as a result of this.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Services

Inspire Design and Development Ltd can assess the potential ground related geotechnical and geoenvironmental hazards that may affect the proposed development by undertaking a Phase 1 assessment. We can assess the risk of ground contamination and provide preliminary advice on the work required to remediate the site to accommodate the proposed end use.

We can also undertake Phase 2 Ground Investigations to determine the geotechnical and geoenvironmental characteristics of the site. Where required we can then prepare remediation strategies to provide advice on how to make the site fit for purpose.